Albury Station

Visiting Albury Railway Station

Albury Railway StationAlbury Railway Station

Whether you arrive here by train, plane or car, the Albury Railway Station should still be a place marked firmly on your list of places to visit.

Our station is housed in a grand old Victorian building, and possibly the most magnificent railway facility outside of Melbourne and Sydney.


On June 14, 1883, history was made as New South Wales and Victoria were first connected by rail with the extension of Victoria’s rail line over the border.

The Victorian Broad Gauge line (measuring 160 cm, 5 feet 3 inches) and the New South Wales line (measuring 143.5 cm, 4 feet 8.5 inches) lay either side of a long island platform.

The platform itself needed to service two full length trains, and was constructed at a full 455 metres long – making it one of the longest in the country.

It was also built to carry through the Victorian styling of the station.

Passengers or goods passing over the border by rail required a stop at Albury Station to change trains, as both states were reluctant to change the format of their expanding rail networks.

Both New South Wales and Victoria maintained separate rail gauges until 1962, when the first through train rolled along Victoria’s new standard gauge main line from Melbourne, through Albury station, and up to Sydney.

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