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Eye Clinic Albury Wodonga Seeking Patients for Trial into World-First Treatment of Viral Conjunctivitis

Source: Mana Communications
Archived 11 Sep 2019 - Posted: 12 Jul 2019
Flu season a common time for cases involving #1 cause of eye infections globally

Okogen, a biotech company developing ophthalmic therapeutics, has announced that Eye Clinic Albury Wodonga is actively seeking more patients for a clinical study of viral conjunctivitis, the #1 cause of eye infections globally.

The Phase II clinical study, known as the RUBY Trial, will evaluate the safety and efficacy of Okogen’s lead candidate, OKG-0301, in the treatment of the highly contagious adenoviral conjunctivitis, affecting up to 25 million people worldwide each year.

Eye Clinic Albury Wodonga is one of seven trial sites participating in RUBY, and with enquiries regarding influenza already at the highest level in the past six years (according to the federal government[1]), the clinic is actively enrolling further patients into the trial. To qualify for the trial, patients with viral conjunctivitis must be enrolled within three days of first exhibiting symptoms.

“We’ve already enrolled our first patients into the trial here in Albury, and with the winter cold we are expecting to see more and more people. Flu season typically aligns with a spike in conjunctivitis cases, so if you are experiencing irritation, red eyes, discharge from the eyes, or finding that your eyelashes are sticking together, seek medical advice quickly,” says Dr Paul Giles, Eye Clinic Albury Wodonga.

While bacterial conjunctivitis is typically treated with antibiotics, these drugs do not work in treating viral forms of the infection. Despite the high incidence of viral conjunctivitis, there are no approved therapies for the disease.

Viral conjunctivitis can persist for up to three weeks, and patients are highly contagious for 10-14 days. This puts families and communities, including schools and daycare centres, at risk for rapid spread of the infection and persistence of the virus within the population.

This article archived 11 Sep 2019

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